Michael Veitch, "Southern Girl", Silverwolf Records SWCD 1026, 2000

Southern Girl Michael Veitch has the kind of smooth-as-silk voice which makes producers see dollar signs and the rest of us see the light. His vocal phrasings inflect ever-so-naturally like cascades finding some sort of divine path of least resistance. The degree of excellence of his new CD "Southern Girl" is proof to me that talented multifaceted persons should likewise seek the path of least resistance in their lives by both following their heart and trusting fate. Veitch nearly got sidetracked by a political career on a laudable environmental platform, although luckily for us he lost this Senate race. Now he's winning accolades from fellow folkies the likes of Shawn Colvin and Susan Werner instead. Veitch's acoustic guitar work is pretty basic, but is flawless and more than does the job... anything more flashy would somehow be a less perfect complement to his voice. "The Wildest Fire" sounds so much like Stephen Bishop's memorable and moving early solo work that it made my hair stand on end. "Sunday Driving" not only captures the feel of a David Wilcox tune, but also borrows on Wilcox's common theme of automobile-as-metaphor. Michael Veitch isn't headed for the Senate, but I think he's headed for greener pastures. - Minor 7th Webzine