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Here are a few new songs to download for free:
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The Last Farmer in Vermont   4.0 meg download
Dedicated to the Presidential candidacy of
Ex-Vermont Governor Howard Dean

The lyrics to The Last Farmer in Vermont and the story behind it are posted here.
© 1994 Burt Street Music BMI

Trouble Too Big   2.9meg download

The Sanctuary   3.2meg download
The lyrics to The Sanctuary
and the story behind it are posted here.

All © 2002 Burt Street Music BMI

This group of MP3s together form a mini-concert by Michael taken from his
opening set for Shawn Colvin at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, VT on August 4, 2002

Intro by Jay Strasser   363k download
Pledging Allegiance   2.2meg download
My Dear Life   4 meg download
Box of Letters   2.8meg download

Michael's song "Pledging Allegiance" is also currently available as a free MP3 download
at www.protest-records.com.

All © 2002 Burt Street Music BMI

Download Michael's song Veteran's Day number 2124 on Neil Young's Living with War Today Songs of the Times page.

A video of Michael performing his song Pledging Allegiance is can be viewed from Neil Young's Living with War Today Protest Videospage. It's number 284.

authenticvoice (3K)


Michael is honored to have been included in the Acoustic Voice compilation CD
produced by Kari Estrin Management & Consulting of Nashville, TN.

Michael was signed with Silverwolf Records (Kerrville Festival, Odetta, Josh White Jr., Caroline Aiken, Chris Chandler) and released two CDs on that label, NY Journal and "Southern Girl." He is now independently produced. His first Silverwolf CD, called "NY Journal," was produced by veteran producer, Murray Krugman, whose credits include Odetta, Johnny Winter, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Blue Oyster Cult, and the Kerrville Festival Series. NY Journal features a duet with Shawn Colvin and help from Susan Werner adding her wonderful voice and piano. Sliverwolf has national distribution and wide folk radio support. He sent a copy of Southern Girl fresh off the presses to Bob Jones who books Newport Folk Festival and got the gig that year. He told Michael that he is the living proof that someone can send him a CD and play Newport. Thanks Bob.

paintedheartcoverart (13K)

Painted Heart

This is the album I've always wanted to make and I can't stop listening to it. With performances by some of Woodstock's greats, flawless production by Julie Last, and some of the most developed songwriting I think I've ever done, it's complete in every sense. Old saying from the songwriter's bible: "It helps to have lots of turmoil in your life to bring those chestnuts out of the fire." Lot's of chestnuts here for sure.

Sound clips are here

Reviews of Painted Heart:

Download Painted Heart tracks at DigStation

Available from Michael's CD Baby store below.

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"desolate" gloomy....see alone..

Heartlander weaves in and out of the dark underbelly of the American landscape. A lone car traveling into the vanishing point starts the journey "through the heartland" where trouble is too big and you can be shot in a church for doing nothing but being afraid. Trains whistle in the night and a far off land lives where you know you never will. War robs us of our young and our history of pushing the unwanted west through the heartland lives. The "woman" of our dreams does her best to console while the lone guitarist presses on through the booze and the sawdust. Midnight walking in "old wedding day shoes" and through the woods where something horrible once happened. Realizing one cannot save those who won't be saved, including the man behind the mask, whether priest or pagan. In the end it all lives in here our own heart, where the corn and grain are stored, the down, the out, and even the "perfect day."

You can find a review of Heartlander here.

Available from Michael's CD Baby store below.

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Southern Girl cover

Southern Girl is my new studio recording of all new songs in front of a live audience with no overdubs and very minimal editing (we took out most of the applause). The great energy of my live show is captured by the best microphones and recording equipment going. The songs, for the most part, were written for the Monday Night Songwriter's Meeting held at Jack Hardy's in Greenwich Village. Combined with over five years of therapy, I feel I've tapped into subjects and melodies I could not have reached without my own "observing ego" and Jack's room full of songwriting "observing egos." I thank all who helped bring this work to life.

Available from CD Baby.

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Here is a review of Southern Girl that was recently posted on Minor 7th webzine.

NY Journal is the first "fully produced" record I've made which utilized expert studio musicians, an experienced producer, two folk divas, and a state of the art recording atmosphere. Many of the songs had been in my set for several years but a few came in just in time for this project. Shawn Colvin's voice on the duet "Anybody But You" added an amazing dimension to the songcycle. The harmonies we sang live, with each of us watching the other in separate sound booths (quite the folk moment!). Of course, having Susan Werner in for a whole day of recording was a really magical time as well. Her piano work is some of the best I've ever heard. "TRU-LUV" still gives me a shiver when I hear it. NY Journal also marks my first foray into CD booklet design. I can identify now with how Joni Mitchell must feel, after seeing my photography wedded to my music. And working with Producer Murray Krugman and Engineer Chuck Eller went so well on this project; it was great to work with them both again on "Southern Girl.

Available from CD Baby.

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Photo on cover of Down Deep

Down Deep, my first CD is now out of print. Rick Schettono of New England Performer Magazine wrote the following about it: "With a warm soothing voice, a beautiful acoustic guitar, and a homey feel, Michael Veitch reaches down deep and creates beautiful melodies. Excellent recording: the guitar and the vocals are oh so smooth. Each tune tells a deeply personal story of what it means to rise above the weakness of being human.

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