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Jerry Marotta, Drummer, Producer: A giant.
Artie Traum, singer songwriter: Michael Veitch is a songwriter of uncommon talent and ability. Painted Heart is a collection of moving, smart and well-crafted songs. The excellent production by Julie Last (and great backup musicians) puts this effort in world-class territory. Goodbye Never Sounded So Sweet should become the anthem of the growing anti-Bush movement. It's a contemporary hit just waiting to be discovered.

Michael with Shawn Colvin

Shawn Colvin has become a true believer in Michael Veitch, giving him her solid endorsement saying: "In addition to being a topical songwriter, Michael Veitch also has to his credit the gift of writing some really great personal songs like "One Night an Angel". "Time Wins Again", and "TRU-LUV". For me, Michael passes the ultimate test of any performer-he moves me."
Susan Werner, singer songwriter: "Michael writes songs that are like good architecture, beautiful structure, well built, and wonderful to be inside. and oh yeah, they matter."
Charlie Hunter, New England music presenter: "Michael Veitch has a romantic's eye, a poet's voice and the brave heart of a fighter. Veitch's music does what the great 19th century columnist Finley Peter Dunne directed journalists everywhere to do: "to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."
Emily Kaitz, singer songwriter: "Michael Veitch is an intensely haunting songwriter and a riveting performer. His New York Journal album so captivated me that I listened to it over and over at least 25 times consecutively, and went on to book a 2 week tour of Texas with him. I have yet to hear a song of his that didn't move me."
Dirty Linen hails Michael's singing voice "...a terrific tenor that is openly expressive and beautifully nuanced."
Performing Songwriter chose Michael's first CD as one of their Top 12 D.Y.I. picks of the month.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch says "Veitch is riveting...a vivid illustration of the miles of difference between a master songwriter and the guys who'll be standing in line at this week's open mic nights.

Michael Gasser, Swiss Journalist says "If you like Richard Shindell, then I think you will really like Michael Veitch...he plays with a rare intensity."
Greg Johnson, The Blue Door, Oklahoma City says: "Veitch is a master songwriter and singer. Few artists working the singer/songwriter circuit even come close."
David Pyles, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, said "Michael is the best 'not yet famous' singer songwriter out there."

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