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The Songs
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The Musicians

  1. Come Talk To Me 2:55
  2. Hello Love 4:35
  3. Goodbye (Never Sounded So Sweet) 3:28
  4. Quarryman 3:18
  5. Kiss Me Comrade 4:08
  6. Omaha 3:40
  7. Knock Me Down 4:40
  8. My Old Car 3:48
  9. Cursed Heart 3:56
  10. Straw Man 3:08
  11. Last Chances 3:36

Sample clips from Painted Heart

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  • Michael Veitch: Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals (1, 4), Tambourine (2)
  • Jerry Marotta: Drums (4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11)
  • Artie Traum: Acoustic Guitar (5, 7), Mandolin (11)
  • Pete Levin: Organ (3, 8, 10, 11), Rhodes (9), Piano (10, 11)
  • Steve Holly: Drums (1,3,8)
  • Mark Dann: Bass (1, 3, 8, 11)
  • Mike Lindauer: Bass (2, 5, 9)
  • Chuck Cornelis: Bass (4)
  • Billy Clockel: Bass (6,10)
  • Kyle Esposito: Bass (7)
  • Kirsti Gholson: Backing Vocals (3,10,11)
  • Bar Scott: Backing Vocals (3,10,11)
  • Julie Last: Backing Vocals (1,3,6,11), Harmony Vocals (2, 7), Tambourine (5, 11), Strings (4), Keys (7), Harmonium (5)
  • Joshua Pearl: Acoustic Piano (1)
  • Josh Roy Brown: Lap Steel (5,6)
  • Sera Smolen: Cello (2, 4)
  • The Veitch Boys: Bruce Milner, Jerry Marotta & MV, Backing Vocals (8)
  • Ed Sanders: Backing Vocals (1, 6)
  • Peter Buettner: Sax (9)
  • Jason Novak: Harmonica (7)

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Thank You

Painted Heart started out in Julie's living room with an acoustic guitar and "scratch vocals" and ended two years later in her new studio with Ed Sanders of the Fugs singing several "babies" many octaves into the stratosphere. In between was a zillion hours of recording, editing, mixing, listening-more than I've ever done for any project. I think Julie's wanting to get it close to perfect was a good match for my wanting to just do it and move on. We tried to keep it as organic as possible and I can say with pride there was no pitch correction used. Everyone who contributed gave up great performances and were amazing to work with. I thank you all and especially hope I got the names spelled right. It's been a dream come true for me.

Special thanks to all who contributed to this project: Jerry Marotta, Steve Holly, Pete Levin, Artie Traum, Ed Sanders, Bar Scott, Kirsti Gholsen, Mike Lindauer, Sera Smolen, Joshua Pearl, Josh Roy Brown, Mark Dann, Kyle Esposito, Billy Clockel, Bruce Milner, Chuck Cornelis, Peter Beuttner, and Jason Novak.

Special special thanks to Jerry Marotta for the vintage vocal microphones, Baird Hersey for lending us the harmonium, and Artie Traum for use of the Taylor guitar on Knock Me Down. Really special thanks to Flora Veitch for letting Dad use her artwork and to Dave Pyles for stitching this package together.

Really, really special thanks to Anne Sutherland for arriving back in my life while all this was happening. A most pleasant surprise!

And finally-really, really, special, special thanks to Julie Last for giving so much to this project and sheparding it right to the very end. It's been well worth the wait.



Produced by Julie Last

Recorded at Coldbrook Studio Woodstock NY
Additional recording at Jersville Studio Woodstock NY and Mark Dann Studio Woodstock NY
Recorded and Mixed by Julie Last Mastered by Mark Dann

Heart Painting by Flora Veitch
Photos by Julie Last
Design by David Pyles

All songs © 2007 Burt Street Music (BMI) and Landing Leaf Music (BMI)
All songs written by Michael Veitch except Quarryman, Knock Me Down, Kiss Me Comrade, and Straw Man written by Michael Veitch and Julie Last.

Additional music by MV available at CD Baby.

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