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1. Come Talk To Me 2:55
2. Hello Love 4:35
3. Goodbye (Never Sounded So Sweet) 3:28
4. Quarryman 3:18
5. Kiss Me Comrade 4:08
6. Omaha 3:40
7. Knock Me Down 4:40
8. My Old Car 3:48
9. Cursed Heart 3:56
10. Straw Man 3:08
11. Last Chances 3:36

Come Talk To Me

I'm calling you out, where does this go?
I'm calling you out, my bones want to know
Is there a future waiting to be known?
I'm calling you out

I'm calling you out, you're not off my hook
I'm calling you out, I've seen that look
You may not remember but I wrote this book
I'm calling you out


Come talk to me, in the middle of the day
Come talk to me, why you acting this way?
Come talk to me, what you trying to say? Baby!
I'm calling you out, while you're looking at me
I'm calling you out, what is it you see?
Am I the one, for whom you've dreamed?
I'm calling you out


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Hello Love

Love walks in the room
Quietly announcing her presence
Put a lifetime on the line,
Boiling it all down to its essence

Hello love, where have you been
Through all the days of a loner's life?
Hello love, come right in
To all that's left of this ravaged life.

Love walks through the door wearing the best of her summer dresses
The smile of a radiant girl; it's a fool in this world
Who will always miss it

Hello love, where have you been
Through all the tears of another winter
Hello love, come right in
Show me your smile in this moon's great glimmer

Like watching paper float across the sky
That's been bleached to the bone
The story doesn't always need that voice to cry
You have finally reached home
And all's well that end's well

Love walks in on cue searching for clues
To your situation
Soft and deepening hues challenging
All of your intuitions

Hello love, sit yourself down
Tell me your name, that you'll be hanging 'round
Hello love, I've got a car, and a ticket to Mars
We'll cover a lot of ground, to the stars

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Goodbye (Never Sounded So Sweet)

Dust clouds chasing me out of this town
It's all been too much talkin'
You lose the best heart you ever have found
Yea, this believer is walking
Who never liked it place much anyway?
Comes a time that it's time for me to say

Goodbye never sounded
So sweet to my ears
Goodbye never sounded
So sweet to my ears

Tired of squawkin', your stalkin' and balkin'
Good riddance to those tears
Lying here over this floor forgotten
I know I'll see better years

No more sweeping your parade down Main Street
Pulling this big tent down for keeps


Feelings, lost and complicated
Visions cast and all but faded
This big heart's treasure chest got raided
Sacrifices solid gold plated baby, baby


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This rock's so unforgiving
A year out here is a lifetime of living, Quarryman
Just a cog in some machine,
16 hours taking dust and heat For so little, Quarryman

Quarryman, these broken hands have touched The last of better days
Quarryman, break apart your calloused heart to
Face another day

Hauling load up and down these worn out roads
Sharpen all your tired blades, Quarryman
Youngbloods get the better stones to break
It won't take long to set them to their graves, Quarryman


Listening to the sermons that live inside the stone
Loving the simple heart that hides behind these bones
Buried in the deepest veins is all you've ever known
Reaching for the mountaintop,
Reaching for the mountaintop
Fill more of the man's big cup with all the muscle that you got and sing a song while you cut it, Quarryman
This rock's so unforgiving,
A year out here is a lifetime of living

Chorus out

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Kiss Me Comrade

Kiss me comrade, when you dare
I am waiting, I am waiting,
We both know it has always been there
Waiting, yea just waiting
Pacing floors where no howling fills the air
Why are we the only ones who seem to care?

Kiss me comrade with your moon dreams
I am waiting, I am waiting,
Give me strength while I float upstream
I am waiting, yea just waiting
Leaving our past while it huddles on the shore
Clutching a sleeve as we pass through fate's backdoor

Sometimes I wish I had it all back now
The love, the sex and the peace in my heart
So take me anywhere, anywhere but down
To find what hasn't fallen apart

Kiss me comrade and may God save our souls
I am waiting, I am waiting
Lay your kindling on these dieing coals
I am waiting, yea just waiting,
Rain my fall and catch us on our swollen knees
Let us count the stars that smile on you and me

Kiss me comrade when you dare
I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting
Love takes us places we've never been
I'll be waiting, yea just waiting

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Omaha (for John Herald)

Staring down the center of the great northern track
Who's lookin' back? not me, not me
Diesel fumes blowing gray and dusty black
Who's lookin' back? not me, not me

Never been this alone, so far from my home
Where a man can roam and watch the sunflowers grow

Left behind a girl who tried to break my heart
Made it out of town in time, just in time,
Just in time
Running from a world that wants to
Tear me apart
Grabbed the Great Northern Line just in time,
Just in time


These plains never end if you wish 'em to end
I might just stick around, I might just stick around
And if I were a bird who was looking to mend
I might just stick around, I might just stick around


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Knock Me Down

I never said that I was innocent
I knew what the darkest voices meant
No stranger to the winds of the storms you sent
To knock me down

There were roses, there was bitter wine
The story closes on those tired lines
You say "he's just a loser"
But I know he tried
As you knocked me down

To my knees I have fallen
To your arms I once came crawling
That was then and this is now, darling

Holding up rafters as you walls caved in
No matter what we do nobody wins
While you missed the heart here inside these ribs
As you knocked me down


All the yelling never changed that much
Just makes it clearer now it was never enough
Somehow you know a man gets used to the pain
A man gets tough
You can knock him down and he gets back up

Call it anything you want my friend
From the start I should have seen the end
Now I'm moving on, where I know I'll mend
Try and knock me down

Chorus out

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My Old Car

My old car
Rust in the shade, a slow burn, as you rot away
Vines growing through your floor boards
Leaves piled to the back doors
Jesus standing on the dashboard

My old car
Chrome all peeled
Your window's been shot out
Nothing left to steal
But there are voices I can still hear
Faces in the rear view mirror
The back seat moaning with love and fear

Waving goodbye to the old high school
Baby moons shined like urban jewels
Two tone still the height of cool
Arm around the blond in the saddle shoes

My old car
Slowly turning to dirt
No flame in your engine
Where the silence hurts
No more wheels spinning around
Radio long past making sounds
Goodyears crumble into the ground
My old car, my old car, old car

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This Cursed Heart

This cursed heart, always blocking the door
Leaving a mess, a stain on the floor
This cursed heart, talking in my sleep
Bad news to report, interrupting my dreams

Brothers, we've all shared real pain
Held the broken glass in our hands
Mixed the blood with the rain
Father, I miss you to this day
As the image of you fades
Into the smoke and the rage

This cursed heart, I've paced your floor
Tried running from your knock on my door
This cursed heart, I know cryin's no use
My shoulders are tired from the years of abuse

Mothers, you've sung me serenades
Danced my years away
Then put me on the last train
Children, I hold you in my soul
No matter where it goes
I know you'll all be OK

This cursed heart gets in the way
Leavin' a mess of a perfect day

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Straw Man

Straight face into the wind
Holding up the best he can
Hand resting on his chin, once again
He's the straw man again
He's the straw man, oh yea

Rescues damsels in distress
Has no fear he'll do what's best
Clean up everybody's mess, he's your man
He's the straw man again
He's the straw man again

Little thanks for his thankless deeds
Always there for his friends in need
Rides into the fray on a big white steed
Hey hey hey, he's the straw man again

He's the one who's standing tall
She says wait for me to call
Cause she knows he can do it all
With a smile once again
He's the straw man again
He's the straw man oh yea

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Last Chances

Takes a heart of good stone
To not feel what I feel
Tears drawn from these bones
Thorns here where I kneel

Our last chances have come and gone
Our last chances have come and gone
Cold wind break a heart once strong

The years are now a dream
Like the dirt thrown on this grave
The songs we used to sing
Chased away our sunny days

Chorus out

All songs © 2007 Burt Street Music (BMI) and Landing Leaf Music (BMI)
All songs written by Michael Veitch except Quarryman, Knock Me Down, Kiss Me Comrade, and Straw Man written by Michael Veitch and Julie Last

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